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Sunday, October 13, 2013

We've sold out of Pepper Luboff's And when the time for the breaking (2012) 

Ark Press is pleased as punch to announce that we’ve sold out of Pepper Luboff’s And when the time for the breaking (2012).

In related news, we are also incredibly grateful to Jen Hofer for featuring Luboff’s chapbook alongside a collaborative essay/ chap about our first summer running Ark Press and the Ark Press Summer Reading Series in Todd, NC (Summer 2011), Country Music (DoubleCross Press: Poetics of the Handmade series 2013), in her CalArts Literary Citizenship: Tiny Press Practices class.  

It’s a real honor to be featured in a class alongside MC Hyland’s DoubleCross Press, Brian Teare’s Albion Books and his essay Paradise Was Typeset (DoubleCross Press: Poetics of the Handmade series).

Thanks to small press wunderkind MC Hyland for her tremendous, inspiring generosity. May sweet echoes of all the time and energy that she pours into the community return ten-fold. 

Check out Jen Hofer’s rad Literary Citizenship blog here.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Country Music, an essay about Ark Press

"Historically, friendship has housed poetry not only in terms of readerships (think of all the poetries born of friendship), but also in terms of presses. When good work was not/is not able to find an equally good home for too long, friends start their own press. They publish their friends' work; they make new friends in the process. These small presses are the no kill shelter for experimental writing."

We are tremendously grateful to MC Hyland for publishing COUNTRY MUSIC, a collaborative essay about our first summer running Ark Press and the Ark Press Summer Reading Series in Todd, NC (Summer 2011) with such tenderness and patience as a part of her stunning DoubleCross Press Poetics of the Handmade series.

Also, we are just tremendously grateful to have a document of this time as it has been so dear to us. Thanks and much love to everyone who has been a part of our experiment so far. 
Check it out at DoubleCross Press.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Pepper Luboff is so brilliant it breaks my heart. Get a copy of her chapbook. Weep, rejoice. Rinse, repeat. It's the sort of work that I find totally generative — it propels me to respond."

—Joseph Massey on Pepper Luboff’s And when the time for the breaking

Limited edition. Letterpress printed on 100 lb. Mohawk Superfine Paper. Metallic gold vellum fly sheet.

Sneak peak::

Friday, April 26, 2013

New Chapbook!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our second chapbook, Pepper Luboff's And when the time for the breaking. 
Letterpress Printed on 100 lb. Mohawk Superfine Paper 

Visually and linguistically acrobatic, And when the time for the breaking meditates on the fracturing,  "can't say uh-merica / without splintering" ("Versus"), and resilience of community in Oakland and the surrounding San Francisco Bay area as it calls us to consider our culpability to one another: 

if we 
look into 
the ingredients (makers & 
pasts) of 
those around us 
words we reproduce
our laws & manners 
places we work & live
what we wear & eat
how to go about it
either, or, or as ("the lack of distance, a kind of closure") 

Here are some sneak peaks: 
metallic gold vellum fly sheet