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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Companions are horizons

We were mightily glad to have dear Ark family, Brenda Siezckowski and Eryn Green, with us last week in Todd, NC.  Brenda and Eryn flew in from SLC, UT and Denver, CO respectively, braving long travel setbacks on runways and in scorching hot strip mall parking lots due to a defective co-pilot chair to give amazing readings Thursday night July 28th at the Todd Mercantile Bakery (Mp3 recordings forthcoming) and amazing talks around our kitchen table the following night. Brenda’s Friday night discussion focused on “The Spectacle of the Everyday,” investigated the way that the roles of writer (performance) and reader (audience) blur as they are presented by creative process.  Eryn’s discussion, “Jack Spicer and the Poet as Radio,” explored nuances of Jack Spicer’s assertion that the poet is like a radio, in that a radio receives transmission that come from elsewhere, beginning with Spicer’s admission that the problem with comparing a poet and a radio is that “a radio doesn’t develop scar tissue.”  Mostly, we just drank beers with big-ole grins on our faces, delighted by the generosity and intelligence of friends.

The rest of their stay was centered in the music of quiet mornings on the porch, reading, writing, yoga, running, errands, TV, grilling, and swimming in the New River—we even got Brenda into a beekeeper suit (a dream come true!) at Mathomhouse Farm courtesy of the amazing Lyn Soeder.  THANKS LYN!  THANKS BRENDA AND ERYN!! 

Thanks to everyone who could make it out.  Your friendship and support mean the world to us.  Like R Blaser says, “Companions/ are horizons.”

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