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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our first ARK PRESS chapbook is now available!!!

Levi Negley's Fruit in Every Path of the Eye 

5.25"x 6.25"
Printed on a laser printer
Limited edition 75


Deeply committed to J Spicer’s “infinitely small vocabulary,” Negley’s Fruit in Every Path of the Eye claims simply to want “to know all/ of the sounds of my house by heart” (“Song of Maryland”). Cleaving to the humility of this proposition startled by impermanence, we find “mountains/ as jagged as grief” (“Song of California”), moments of terrible beauty that open expansively as limits are transgressed: “anything you say is real—/Ly, I love you” (“Song of Montana”). “Holy// star of God” is written in crayon (“Untitled”) and we learn “we must never/ speak of this again” (“Song of Vermont”).

Sneak preview ::

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