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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Here are some pics of our Ark Press Marathon Reading (6.22.2012).  Thanks to featured readers for making it a HUGE success: Halina Duraj, Eryn Green, Caroline Klocksiem, Esther Lee, Pepper Luboff, Christine Marshall, Hazel McClure, Gina Myers, Brenda Sieczkowski, Mike Sikkema, and Jen Tynes.  And special thanks to Lauren and LOW for hosting the reading.  Sure was dreamy to have so many loved ones, old and new friends alike, mixing it up in the same place.  

Stay tuned for a downloadable Mp3 recording of the event.

Eryn Green

Halina Duraj

Esther Lee

Pepper Luboff

Christine Marshall
Hazel McClure
Gina Myers
Brenda Sieczkowski

Caroline Klocksiem

Mike Sikkema

Jen Tynes and Mike Sikkema

Jen Tynes

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